Naramo was founded in 2003 by head designer Gojka Rak for a simple reason: to create bags. Her vision was clear: minimalistic, handmade, with style. Naramo pieces don't follow fashion trends and seasonal fads, they are designed to be timeless.

Each piece we develop is unique with a subtle point of difference, with an emphasis on materials, functionality and durability. All of our products are handmade, using almost no underlining to make them organic and soft, and each one is hot embossed individually with our Naramo logo.

We source our leather from local suppliers and handpick premium Italian leathers . Leather being a natural product means, no two items will be the same. That’s what makes our product so unique and we hope you enjoy this point of difference.

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Let us tell you about leather

Naramo bags are made of meticulously chosen Italian nappa leather. We use only the kind of leather that has gone through as few chemical processes as possible. Leather is a natural material, so no two pieces of vegetable processed leather are completely alike. These variations of color and texture give our bags a unique appearance, so the final product may not be identical to the one shown in the photo.

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Our models